Hanging our Tactical TRX in light of Memorial Day. Did you know that some of the routines we do in class were designed to build the strength, durability, endurance and agility needed for military readiness? #usastrong🇺🇸

New bosu rack. Since our inception this little balance trainer has been a 🔥 favorite. So we want all of you to have it whenever our creativity strikes 💥🥊 FIND YOUR BALANCE®️

THE MOST AMAZING GIFT 🎁. When @jane.cameron was asked to make an art project about something she liked 😁 🥊 a boxing glove with our company logo and find your balance ®️ I almost cried 😭 best year ever

A total body workout that focuses on athletic movement, hip rotation & balance that changes every day. 15 minutes cardio 15 minutes of boxing 15 minutes of strength and conditioning. 🥊

We are so excited announce that we will be adding a new morning class to our schedule at around 6am. Check out our Instagram poll to vote and stay tune for your survey email. 6:30am or 6:45am

This is one of my best friends. I am so honored that God allowed me the opportunity to train him as he prepared to be accepted in to West Point. The miles were tough. But with words of affirmation / speaking things into existence. Together we believed the miles we physical prepared for was in partnership with the Holy Spirit. Blood, sweat and tears. #westpoint #mindandbody #bellyandbody

Awwww a Coach’s Love. Thank you @olivia_den and Mom @claredenicola for coming all the way from New Jersey to get the bellyandbody experience. What a thrill to see you grow up 😊

These girls are learning more then boxing. I am proud to say we have built a totally safe place that influences the right attitude. @jaclyn_m28 @cgillis3 @elizabeth_dunn

BELLY AND BODY®️ introduces @gloomis86 . A phenomenal boxer. Caring, responsible, and trustworthy citizen. On-boarding takes about three weeks and then I am looking forward to taking his 12:30pm Saturday class. I am coming for you RED ZONE 🔴.

We’ve got you covered Greenwich. Two more years of hard science. Thanks to @bretcontreras1 our club has been loving these new exercises since his seminar. #thesweetscience #boxing

#25 is ready @charlotteharmon9 with twenty three more days till @wavegirlslax try outs. Kicking it with @obrown3 👟⚽️ 🥊💥 #bellyandbody

p: 203-637-3399


1381 East Putnam Ave
Old Greenwich, CT 06870

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