Success story: One of our members is down 20lbs and the conversation went like this. (Me) Lots of sweating (member)a little less eating.😂😂 #bellyandbody as we both laughed.

We are happy to announce that @livicheer will be doing her GHS senior internship with us May 21st - June 18th. We are inspired to work with this girl. She has shown so much grit in class and our goal is to translate that behind the scenes. #bellyandbody

What to do before you go back to college? @juliasaer & @apriegel decided to take a belly and body class before heading into their second semester. 💥🥊 stay strong girls. #bellyandbody

Although personal training is not available. When Mrs. Cucchissi called regarding one on one lessons to make a very special Christmas 🎄 I had to say yes. Great job Grant. We learned a lot

We are thankful that this golden glove boxer came to our class last night! He said the routines were perfect for his condition as he prepares for the 2018 tournament. 💥🥊 #bellyandbody

#Repost @april___rose___ ・・・ Pretty darn proud of myself. I was super anxious about trying a new workout class because I know cardio is my weak spot. But I forced myself to go and had such a great time and a very good workout. Did I almost pass out? YES! Was I wearing a heart monitor and basically in heart attack zone the whole time? YES! But I did it and I’m excited to go back. Seriously though...I’m pretty sure my heart rate was off the charts. Cardio. You are the devil. Now I’m happily enjoying my #greenandtonic thanks to Jonathan. Oh, and if you’re going to be boxing, you better have pink gloves. 😋💪🏻👊🏻@bellyandbody #kickedmybutt

Lauren, thank you for emailing us everyone’s name along with all of the information needed to create their profile. We were happy to host this sold out family day. We saw smiles 😊, heard laughter 😂. And we bet everyone was pretty soar too 🙊. 💥🥊💪

In 2003 I was in a leadership role to teach Kung fu at my instructors school. Coming off the summer, I will never forget a interaction I had with a little boy who was excited about his first day of the school year. On the drive to kung fu, he didn’t share much with his parents, but as soon as he walked in to studio he was really excited to tell me all about his experience . His parents were amazed how their little boy who was usually quiet opened up with great detail about the friends he made and his favorite parts of the day. Then earlier this year, my church @trinitychurchct came to bellyandbody with some of their high school students to a night of boxing. Just before taking them through their exercise they all prayed. Touching every part of the interior walls, they prayed that bellyandbody would be a “safe place” FOR ALL WHO ARE TO COME. I’ve worked hard to be in a position to give ❤️ Thank you all for coming Happy thanksgiving from Jon Jim Jackie Olivier Nick Sofia #BELLYANDBODY

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