for lean muscle.

Boxing is a total body work out focusing on the athleticism of a boxer to tone the body for a fun but rigorous fat burning workout. Come and challenge your mind, focus, and foot work with this sport. A true testament of effort & ease resulting in lean muscle.


Find your balance

Boxing teaches you how to properly use gravity, ground reaction force, elasticity and muscle action; complimenting all sports. Become more efficient and avoid injury by finding your balance.


From beginning to end it is a non-stop hardcore workout. Jonathan's 3 :15 consists of three 15 minute rounds.


Our small class size guarantees attention for those hands-on corrections.


Our workout combines strength, cardio, balance, core and flexibility. You are sure to burn anywhere from 400-800 calories in a single work out.


We target minor muscle groups. Building this foundation minimizes the risk of injury, yielding lasting results.


Always different, always new. We have strategically placed every routine around our class number.


Learning boxing from us, means learning the martial arts application without getting hit.

p: 203-637-3399


1381 East Putnam Ave
Old Greenwich, CT 06870

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