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Don’t come on an empty stomach - you’ll need the energy

Make sure to eat enough (but not too much) about two hours before your workout! Your body needs fuel for energy, and everybody is unique. Try out some different pre-workout meals and pay attention to how you feel during your workout; your body knows best and will always tell you what it wants!


This training utilizes every muscle in the body for effective fat loss. This equals a lot of calories burned and a lot of sweat! Your body will thank you for proper hydration both prior to and after training.


Invest in a good sports bra that minimizes movement so you can make sure your shoulders stay relaxed. Boxing is about efficiency, and tension creates resistance. Stay relaxed and you'll notice your punches will be faster and stronger.


Is not important. As long as you train in something that is comfortable, light weight and will allow you to move around as fast as lightning. If you choose to wear boxing shoes, your normal shoes can be stored in your locker.


Bring your own or we have ones to loan you for the class. At BELLY AND BODY we wanted to bring you the best experience so we have selected the best in boxing gear, along with our knuckles guards so you can #HIT HARD


You'll be working on punching technique, combinations, footwork, plyometrics, agility training, and more —all with boxing gloves on. Make sure your hair is up in a ponytail so your full focus can be on crushing your combos.

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